Welcome to ClimateStations.com

ClimateStations.com – Graphical Climatologies/Weather Histories for Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, and Las Vegas

ClimateStations.com was originally created in 1999 as a graphics resource for Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN historical temperature data, a station with records dating back to 1820. Over time, seven additional stations, most with lengthy histories (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego,  Miami, and Las Vegas) have been added, to go with other climatological variables of interest such as precipitation and snowfall.     

Among the products include year-by-year charts of daily temperature (maxima, minima, and anomalies), precipitation, and snowfall (daily amounts and depths when applicable). Chicago’s records go back to 1871, New York’s to 1876 (Central Park station), and Los Angeles’ and San Francisco’s each to 1921.  San Diego’s extend back to 1875, and Miami and Las Vegas each to 1949. Charts for the current year are updated on a semi-weekly to semi-monthly basis.  Public data sources are utilized to acquire the raw data, and generation of the various climate statistics and associated graphics are performed on an original, “in-house” basis.

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